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the sacred masajid

With Suhba, you and your loved ones can experience a journey filled with rich Islamic history and spiritual growth.

​Our goal is to be in service of the three sacred Masajid (Masjid al Haram, Masjid an Nabawi & Masjid al Aqsa) and to those who visit them. ​

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as companions

Our qualified scholars and mentors offer a structured learning experience while travelling. In our journeys, we follow the prophetic teachings of compassion for our youngsters, honour for our elders, and service to one another.

We value fostering lifelong relationships throughout our travels. After all, there’s no bond stronger than one created through acts of worship.


with excellence

Enjoy a journey that is perfectly balanced – from worship, to exploration, to quality time with your loved ones.

travel with comfort & convenience

We take care of finding the best accommodations and transportation methods so you don’t have to. Suhba Journeys are designed to maximize the travel experience.

Step into the Past

Islamic Historical Sites

Journey through the sacred lands and uncover the wonders of Islamic history and culture.

Enjoy the magnificent architecture, cuisine, and scenery.

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