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Abdullah Hatia​

Co-founder/Lead Companion ​

Born and raised in the GTA, Abdullah has travelled to countries around the world including England, India and South Africa in pursuit of memorizing the Qur’an, attaining his Ijazah and certification in Islamic Sciences.

He has been serving the Muslim community across Canada as an Imam, educator, youth mentor and motivational speaker for over 15 years. His passion is youth development and mentorship with a special focus on nurturing a strong Muslim identity. Abdullah Hatia is currently serving the Muslim community and raising his family in Burlington, Ontario.

Sumaiya Saleh

Co-founder/ Sister's Lead Companion ​

Born and raised in the GTA, Sumaiya Saleh is a student of knowledge with Ijaza in Quran and certification in Early Childhood Psychology. She has been serving the Muslim community across Canada as an educator, community leader and youth mentor for over 15 years.

Her passion is nurturing young Muslim women toward being strong, confident Muslimahs, who are proud of their Muslim identity. Sumaiya Saleh is currently a student of Ribaat Academic Institute while serving the Muslim community, and raising her family.

Our Story

the inspiration

As a married couple, we have had the honour of serving Muslim communities across Canada since 2007 as community leaders, Islamic educators, and youth mentors.

Our objective in founding Suhba is to provide a higher level of service to North American Muslims travelling to our sacred sites and places of Islamic historical significance around the world.

Our focus is to nurture the Muslim identity by offering structured and engaging learning throughout our travels. We hope to connect our travellers to these places through education, inspiration, and service with excellence.