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Two Sacred Cities
Eleven Historical Sites
Guided Tours
“The delegations of Allah are three: The Warrior, the Haji and the Mu’tamir (one who is on the Umrah journey).”
This October, grant us the honour of companionship with you on an Umrah Journey during the Thanksgiving long weekend. We start in Makkah and conclude the journey in Madinah. 

Walk in the footsteps of our Prophet and his Companions in the 2 blessed cities. Connect with Islamic historical sights, and enjoy an engaging studies of the Seerah while surrounded by your Suhba family!    


  • Arrival in Jeddah
  • Departure from Madinah
  • Travel from Makkah to Madinah on High Speed Haramain train.
  • Checked luggage handling between Makkah and Madinah
  • All ground transportation in air conditioned premium buses


  • 5 Star Hotels
  • Daily Open Buffet Breakfast
  • Staff Assistance Available 24/7

Guided Tours [makkah]

  • Hudaybiyah
  • Jabal Thaur
  • Arafaat
  • Muzdalifah
  • Mena
  • Jabal Noor
  • Jannat Al Mualla

Guided Tours [madinah]

  • Masjid Quba
  • Saba’ Masaajid (Battle of the Trench)
  • Masjid Qiblatain
  • Uhud (Battle of Uhud)


Halaqa under the shade of the Green Dome

Jum’a Prayer in Masjid Al Nabawi

Mufti Junaid Hanslod

Mufti Junaid Hanslod travelled to India and the blessed city on Madinah in his pursuit of Quran memorization, Ijazah (certification) in the Islamic sciences, Iftaa certification, and specialization in Hadeeth. He has spent close to 15 years on his journey of knowledge studying under some of the greatest scholars of our time.

He has been serving the Muslim Community in the GTA as an Imam, educator, counsellor, and motivational speaker for over 10 years. His passion is inspiring others through the Quran and Sunnah with a special focus on Prophetic Character. Mufti Junaid is currently serving the Muslim community and raising his family in Burlington, Ontario.

$50 Early Bird discount per traveller on bookings made before July 10th, 2023.

Quad Room*: $3490/person
Triple Room: $3690/person
Double Room: $3990/person

*Quad occupancy for families only


the sacred sanctuary
✈️ Toronto Pearson – Egypt Air
🏨  Swisshotel

5 stars | 3 nights

Breakfast Included

The Barren Valley first populated by the family of Ibrahim عَلَيْهِ ٱلسَّلَامُ. Home to the Holy Ka’ba, the first masjid and the holiest site. One prayer in Masjid al Haram is worth one hundred thousand.

We are encouraged to perform Umrah as much as possible and obligated to perform Hajj at least once if capable.


The Prophet's City

🚆 Haramain High Speed Railway

Makkah to Madinah

🏨  Anwar Al Madinah Movenpick

5 stars | 4 nights

Breakfast Included

🕌 Halaqa – Green Dome

Home to the Prophet’s Mosque and the Rawdah (Garden) that our Prophet tells us is a garden from the gardens of paradise. Here we present our Salam to our beloved knowing that he hears us and is replying to us.

One Prayer in the Prophet’s Mosque is worth one thousand and we have been encouraged to visit as much as possible. 


A collection of photos from previous Suhba Journeys.